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Accommodation rules

Immediate termination of the stay:

If is over accommodated than the permitted number of persons staying.

In case of damage the property (vandalism). 


Accommodation rules:

1.The guest is obliged to read the accommodation rulebook & respect it.

2. Using the area during the stay is on own responsibility of the client.

3. The slippers are at disposal and client is obliged to use them indoors.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use indoor the outdoor footwear.

5. All guests must ensure the cleanliness and saving the arrangement that cannot be moved and brought out of the building.

6. The client is obliged to prevent his action to avoid damage to the building and its equipment, preventing fire during the whole stay.

7. From 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m., the night rules must be respected.

8. For safety reasons, the client does not leave children unattended in the whole area.

9. The guests can be accommodated only in case of providing the reservation confirmation and present his identity card (ID).

10. Prepayment shall be done by bank transfer to the bank account of Theresian apartment within the period of time mentioned in the proforma invoice or pay directly at the hotel reception THERESIAN Hotel in Olomouc.

11. In the building is smoking strictly prohibited under the penalty of 5000 CZK.

12. In any leaving of the room & the building, the clients are obliged to close the taps, close the windows, turn off electrical appliances, turn off the lights and lock the door.

13. Check-out is until 10 a.m., otherwise another night will be charged.

14. By check-out the coordinator will apply for returning the keys.

15. Wellness is rented including whirlpool and sauna together, 400CZK/120 minutes for 1-4 persons max / per apartment

16. In case damage of rooms, building equipment or losing the keys, the guests will pay the costs related with the exchange.

17. The arising faults have to be immediately reported to the service coordinator.

18. Theresian apartment is not taking any responsibility for personal injury and damage property of accommodation users.

19. This accommodating object is governed by the laws of Czech Republic. Responsibility in relation to natural and legal persons is governed by the Civil Code.

20. In case of serious or repeated breaches of the conditions, the stay can be immediately terminated.