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Theresian Apartments are located in Ostružná, the Jeseníky region, very popular tourist area, especially in the winter season - it offers several ski resorts: Ski Resort Ostružná, Ramzová and Petříkov

However, Ostružná is able to catch customers by its attractiveness during whole year. Thanks to the nice offers of hiking and cycling paths, swimming or outdoor entertainment centers for the families.

Theresian apartment is a newly renovated building in Ostružná, where in the time of the First Republic worked the financial guard. Ostružná name comes from the German translation Spaarrenhau in the sense where the logs were felled. The original title was created dialectically from Spornhau (Sporn- the meaning spur). In the 19th century the village was renamed Ostružná.

Ostružná 124
788 25
Czech republic

IČ: 04425341

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Michaela Juchelková Managing Director manager@theresian.cz + 420 773 752 956
Renata Klementová Service Coordinator spravce@theresian.cz +420 773792 560