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Ski resorts near the apartment in Ostružná

There are several ski resorts close to the Theresian Apartment. Literally just a few minutes by car or ski bus (the stop is a short walk from the apartments) are the ski resorts Ostružná and Ramzová.

Ski resort Ostružná

The nearest ski resort, which lies directly above the village of Ostružná. The resort is perfect for families with children - it boasts a state-of-the-art children's park with a ski lift, a moving belt and a carousel for the smallest skiers. You can take your children to the ski school. In total, there are 6 groomed ski slopes in the Ostružná ski resort with a length of over 2.5 kilometres.


Website: www.ostruzna.cz/en

Ski resort Ramzová

One of the largest winter and summer tourist resorts in Moravia. It reaches up to 1351 metres above sea level. The chairlift at Ramzová is the only chairlift that takes you to the peaks of the Jeseníky Mountains. Skiers can enjoy a total of 8 kilometres of slopes, the longest of which measures over 3 kilometres and has an elevation gain of 550 metres. If you can't get enough during the day, you can also take advantage of the night skiing.


Website: www.bonera.cz

Ski Resort Kaste - Petříkov

Ski centre with moderately difficult terrain in the mountain village of Petříkov. It lies less than two kilometres from the Ramzovské sedlo and offers the most picturesque and chamber atmosphere. Cross-country skiing fans will also find their place here, there are several cross-country skiing trails in the area.


Website: www.kaste.cz

Ski Petříkov

A ski centre that is suitable for families with children. There are two ski slopes and three lifts. There is a two-seater with a length of 700 metres, a single-seater with a length of 350 metres and a children's lift.


Website: www.skipetrikov.cz/en/

Branná Ski Resort

The resort, located in the picturesque village of Branná, is perfectly accessible by car and bus. There are three slopes, which are suitable for beginners and more advanced skiers. A two-seater chairlift takes you up, while the little ones can use the rope lift.

Website: www.skibranna.cz